Inbox that learns

Picking only the emails you care about.

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Personal AI

Think of PickedMail as your minion. At first, it knows roughly what a useful email looks like, but not exactly what you want. Once you start using it, PickedMail listens to you and only follows your instructions

Unique Experience

While most email applications use generic models trained with large amounts of data, PickedMail creates a unique model only using your data and updates it constantly according to your latest preference.

Picked or Others

The emails you care about and the ones you don't.

  • Teach it once

    If you think an email should be labeled differently(Ex. currently Picked but should belongs to Others), correct it with a swipe.

  • Leanring fast

    PickedMail sync with your preference in shortest possible time. Expect it to reach above 90%+ accuracy within 3 days.

Powerful Tool

  • Email Tracking

    Read Receipts let you know when your emails are read.

  • Fast Read

    As you scroll, all emails you've seen on the screen are instantly marked as Read.

Simplicity & Usabilty

PickedMail strives to provide a simple interface with all the convenient tools an inbox should have.

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